Your Hair & Make-Up Trial


It’s the beginning of 2019 and I thought I would start a fresh year with a nice new blog post! This time of year I always get an influx of questions about what happens at your trial. 

Your trial is such an important part of your hair & make-up process. At the trial, I really start to build up an idea of what look you ultimately want to achieve, so it is generally best to have about 3hrs or even 3hrs 30 put aside for your Hair & Make-Up trial.

I love to kick things off with a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat, for me to create something that is really “you”. I like to hear all about the details, dress, flowers the bridesmaid’s dresses, you name it I love to hear about it! 

I have included a few tips to consider before coming to your hair or make-up trial.

Hair - A Few Tips Before Your Hair Trial

  • Keep your pintrest board to a few select images, definitely pin a few different elements of each hair style you really love but ultimately don’t go overboard. Together we can pick out your favourite bits and create you something fabulous!

  • Start to consider will you want to wear a veil, fresh flowers or a hair accessory? these all need to be considered when choosing a style for your hair.

  • If you have your veil already then please do bring it with you to try, if you don’t have yours yet I do have one you are welcome to try.

  • If you have any chosen hair accessories then please bring this with you also, however if you are still deciding, I have a couple of beautiful hair vines supplied by Eden B to try with your chosen hair style.

  • Please do bring a photo of your dress with you, its so important for me to see this, as the style and detailing will play a major part in selecting styles to compliment your dress.

Hair Extensions

If you are worried about needing a little extra “oomph” then hair extensions are amazing for creating a little extra length and thickness or temporarily adding volume to up-do’s.

I currently stock Milk & Blush Hair Extensions, Made with 100% Remy human hair. The extensions are multi tonal so you never get a flat finish. Milk & Blush Extensions blend beautifully and look so natural no one would know any different and you can add as little or as many as you like.

Hair extensions can be tried with your chosen hair style & colour matched at the trial for no extra cost. A set of brand new extensions will be ordered for your wedding day and yours to keep afterwards.

Single Quad Weft From £38.00 - £48.00 

Full Pack From - £138

The prices above are a guide, depending on the length and thickness you wish to use the price can vary. If you wish to have a look at the products yourself then please head over to  Milk & Blush to veiw their full collection 

Make-Up - A Few Tips Before Your Trial

  • Keep a list of definite do and don’t likes. Have you ever had your make-up done previously by a make-up artist? If so, what works for you and what doesn’t? As your bridal make-up artist it is so handy to know any preferences.

  • If you think it will help, then by all means bring a few of your favourite pieces of make-up with you, whether its a blusher you can’t live without or a lipstick that you love, then we can always factor these in.

  • If you have any concerns regarding highly sensitive or eczema-prone skin then its really important I know about this. I can advise on a super hypo allergenic skincare brand I use specifically for these skin types.

  • Ultimately this is a really fun couple of hours to try out a couple of new things and pick up some tips and tricks along the way. I would advise taking lots of photos at the trial, it helps you see how it will look under camera, I would also advise keeping your make-up on for as long as possible, its a good idea to see how long it wears on your skin and makes sure you’re happy with the coverage of the foundation etc.

    Destination Clients

  • Sometimes I will not meet you until a couple of days before your wedding for your trial, so it is really important to keep a little list of your make-up preferences, and any dislikes. If you are one of my summer destination brides, I would advise being extra vigilant with wearing sunscreen in the run up. I can always bronze you up to look glowy and gorgeous but sunglasses marks are never a good look.

  • If you are considering factoring in hair extensions, please send me an up-to-date photo of your hair colour 6 weeks prior to your wedding so I can bring the correct shade with me.

    I am so looking forward to meeting and working with you all in 2019!

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